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Original music composed for as little as £299

Ad Music Music Syncing Music Editing Flim & TV Music

Music can transform an ad campaign from just images or video into a more memorable experience for the audience. Music can trigger moods and has the ability to communicate your message non-verbally. Music can have a massive influence on the consumer.

Our Services

We have more than 20 years experience of music writing, composition, audio production, and audio editing.

Original Music writing

We can write original compositions for advertising, TV & Film.

Music Syncing

If you have some video footage and need an original peice of music written for it we can do it.
If you need your favourite song adding to some video footage, maybe a wedding or holiday, we can do it.

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Audio Editing & Production

If you have the original audio files we can mix, remix & arrange or re-arrange the audio for you, we can then master it for you for commercial use.

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Audio Mixing and Mastering

If you are an up and coming band or recording artist we can take your original audio files and mix and master them for you to commercial standard.