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Content Design is the creation and subsequent layout of digital content to enable you to communicate and engage the user, this can be in the form of text, images video or audio.

Content that is displayed correctly can encourage a user or potential customer to interact with your content or use your services, when content is displayed correctly it is easier to understand.

How we can help

Using design priciples we can create and edit your content to make it appeal to your target demographic or user group

Website copy and font

We can create, edit and copyright your textual content and lay it out in easy to read, memorable chunks so the user engages with your content.

We can help you choose a font that is compatable with your content, adding just the right amount of highlighted text drawing the user to you most inportant messages.


We can use colour to draw attention to certain areas of a web page. Colour is a powerful tool for user engagement when used properly, too much colour can have a negative effect on form and design.


We can compose original audio or music to use in marketing or advertising campaigns.

Content design can give you the edge over a competitor. When a user lands on your website you need to engage them quickly, the web is a fical place. If a user or customer does not like the look of your website they will just click the back button and go elswhere.

Why design content?

There are universal principles of design, proven to influence perception and increase appeal. For instance eyes generaly follow a certain route on the page called 'reading gravity', we start at the top left and work our way to bottom right. An image placed on the bottom right of a page that contains alot of textual content can aid the user in reading the text, as it helps to guide the reader to the natural termination point of the page.

Image composition

The composition of an image can also influence the user. For instance, with a picture of a person the ratio of face to body can influence how a viewer thinks of that person, cropped around the face and the viewer will associate the person with more cerebral qualities like intelligence and compasion, if more of the body is visible it will emphasize more physical attributes and sensuality. So choosing the right images can have a profound effect on how a user views your company or product.

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