Our SEO services explained

Our SEO services are designed to make the biggest impact possible for the smallest amount of money. We have 3 pre-designed SEO packages that you can choose from, or we can design our services to suit your business's SEO requirements.

Code analysis / Fixing

Your website code is checked to make sure all correct SEO elements are present and that the code is properly formed. We correct anything that will benefit SEO such as titles, meta tags image tags and page weight.

Content analysis / Correction

We check your website content to make sure it is SEO optimised, including checking textual content to make sure relevent keywords and keyphrases are present. Checking headings and anchor text.

Unique articles

As the saying goes, content is king. Adding fresh new content to your website is key to good SEO. We will write articles relevant to your business or servives and add them to your website or blog.

Facebook posts

Social media is paramount for SEO, customer relations & brand awareness. We will create keyword rich Facebook posts to engage your audience, grow your business and ultimately improve your SEO.

Twitter 'tweets'

Twitter is an essential marketplace for your business and brand. We will create snappy, engaging tweets designed to gain followers and get people talking about your business or products.

Continuous tweaking

We will monitor your website and continuosly make updates over the month to fine tune your SEO. If your services or products change we will reflect these changes in your content and keywords.

Search engine submission

To make sure your website is properly indexed by the search engines we will do it manualy, using webmaster tools. A sitemap will be submitted along with your listing preferences.

Directory listings

There are a number of business directories on the web that can provide good backlinks to your website, improving your SEO. We know the right ones to list on and how to optimise your listing to achieve this.

Google analytics

Google analytics is a powerful web statistics analytics tool that can drill down to minute detail about the behaviour of your users. We will use it to help you understand your customers online behaviour.

Competitor Analysis

Whatever market you are in you will have competitors. We analyse the websites and SEO practices of your most successful online competitors and brands, this gives us valuable insights into thier SEO strategies.

SEO Report

So you can keep track of progress we always do an initial 'baseline' SEO report then continue to provide a monthly SEO report so you can track progress and we can devise strategies to acheive better results.

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