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Social media has become an essential ingredient for success not only for online businesses but for traditional high street shops and large multinational retailers.

A recent study stated that 78% of salespeople that actively used social media to promote their product or services out-sold those that didn't use social media. Social media is a real-time promotional marketing and communication tool, and the best thing is that it is free.

Keeping social media current

Maintaining a social media profile so it is current and interesting is the key to sales conversions. An out of date, stagnant social media profile can have negative impact on your business, but keeping it up to date and current takes time, time that a lot of business owners do not have.

The Bare Minimum

The bare minimum you should have is a Twitter and Facebook account, these two social media platforms have hundreds of millions of users, each with the ability to 'like' your website or 'Share' some information that you have made available via your Twitter or Facebook account. A single post on either of these platforms has the potential to reach many hundreds or even thousands of people.

Building relationships

- Scenario 1

You are a baker and you have just completed a fantastic wedding cake for a client. You take a picture of the cake and post it on Twitter, let's say you have 100 followers on your Twitter account. 10 of these 're-tweet' your tweet, each of those has 100 followers, in a matter of minutes your tweet could reach 1000 people. If only 1% of them decide to visit your shop or make an order with you that's 10 new sales.

- Scenario 2

You make a wedding cake for a client, the cake is unveiled at the wedding, it looks great but tastes awful, the fresh cream has gone off! The client is angry gets on Twitter and rants, you see this and immediately reply to the client via Twitter, apologise and arrange for a substitute cake to be delivered, the client is delighted with this quick solution to the problem, posts another tweet about the great service and so do some of the guests at the wedding. A negative situation is reversed into a positive.

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Our Services

We can set up and manage your social media accounts transforming the basic generic profiles by adding bespoke imagery and banners to reflect your business.

We can post regular updates with a mix of content including images, product and service updates, promotions, anything you might feel will help promote your business.

Our Social media Management services.

  • Profile Creation
  • Profile Page Design
  • Social Media Updates
  • Content Creation
  • Image and banner creation
  • Moderation and Maintenance

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I don't get it, I don't have time for it

We understand that a lot of business owners or individuals are not tech savvy, or just don't have the time or motivation to engage with social media, but it is important none the less. We aim to take the pain out of creating and maintaining a social profile for your business. It is proven that if you neglect to maintain a strong social media profile you will lose business to competitors that do.

Contact us about how we can help you build a social profile and grow your business.