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Maintaining your web site with up-to-date information, products or services is paramount if you are to maintain a worthwhile web presence, letting your website decline into an archive of stagnemt content is damaging for your business profile as it can project apathy, laziness and a lack of motivation

It is surprising how many businesses pay for a website to be built, or pay a monthly fee for a 'build yourself' web package and never update the content, a surprising 66% of businesses are guilty of this.

Why bother updating?

A recent survey carried out in America found that more than 40% of customers didn't complete a sale on a website that looked dated and badly maintained.

Another survey in revealed that 76% of customers would abandon a website that took to long to load, and another revealed that 81% abandoned a website that didn't work properly on their mobile phone or tablet.

How not updating your website could impact your business

Having a website that was last updated months or even years ago will be out of sync with your current pricing or services, remember that more than 50% of internet use, including shopping, is done on mobile devices. Tablets out-sold PC's for the first time in 2013.

- Out of sync

If you have recently lowered your prices on a product or service and this has not been reflected on your website you could be losing business to a competitor, if your site has broken links or broken pages this can negativley effect SEO, potentially seeing you slip down in the search engine results.

- First Impressions

If your website looks dated and has broken or outdated content on it, it can look untrustworthy and can reflect badly on your business, and you if you are providing a personal service. Customers want to deal with people that are trustworthy, these days the first thing a customer will see when searching for a product or service will be your website, if first impressions are bad they are more likely to go elswhere.

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Our Services

We can update your website with fresh content on a weeky or monthly basis, if you dont have the time to create fresh content we can do it for you.

We can update prices, service descriptions, images & social media. We can create new promotional banners, add completely new pages with new content.

Maintenance Services in brief

  • Logo Re-design
  • Content Creation
  • Regular Updates
  • Social Media Updates
  • Site Refresh
  • Fix Broken Pages
  • Create Promotional Banners
  • SEO Health Check
  • Blog posts
  • Adding New Functionality
  • Adding Video Content

Updating is Great for SEO!

Google and other search engines love fresh content. Search engines regulaly send their spider bots (small programs that scan your website for content) out and they report back to google and tell them about fresh, new content on well coded, SEO optimised, up-to-date websites. Neglecting your website is bad for your search engine ranking.

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