About Tekkie

Digital from every angle

When you work with Tekkie you are tapping into more than 17 years experience working across every aspect of digital.

About Tekkie

Tekkie as a company was formed in 2013 in the North East of England. Prior to 2013  we gained vast experience working for multinational media agencies such as The Discovery Channel award winning digital agencies like TH_NK and various start-ups. We started out primarily as a Web Design and Web Development company which led to us venturing into SEO when our clients required their websites to rank on Google Search and then into Digital Marketing when the e-commerce boom really took off and our clients wanted to advertise their products and services on social media channels and Google advertising.

Why should I choose to work with Tekkie?

We are passionate about digital and passionate about helping the companies that we work with succeed. Because of our vast experience across all aspects of digital we can become an intrinsic part of your company helping in many areas from Website Maintenance, Sales, Digital & Strategic Marketing and Tech Support