Web Development

Websites built with success in mind.

We will develop your website ensuring it is flexible, adaptable and scalable. We have over 10 years experience working for major media companies and digital agencies.

Website Development

Web development is the actual coding of the website and its functionality using different programming languages, frameworks and plugins.

There are many different ways to build a website and many different facets that make up a good website. A modern website should be Responsive scaleable and SEO friendly

Web Development Decisions

Once the design and functionality of the website has been decided the next step is to start building the website. To do this we need to decide what technologies and programming languages to use.

The choice will depend on a few things, such as how the content is going to be displayed, will data need to be stored in a database then re-called for later use? Will the client be selling goods or services from the website? Will the client need to update the website themselves on a regular basis?

All these decisions will have a bearing on the platform, framework and technologies used to build the site, choosing the right one is important to future-proof your site so it will be useable and usefull in the years to come.

Think about your target audience:

All these inportant decisions should be thought about before the website is designed and developed, think about your target demographic, which websites are popular with this demographic that do a similar thing to yours? Think about why they are popular and how you can improve on them, these are all things we can help you decide if you use us to develop your website.

I want to do my own updates:

If you need to update your website yourself on a regular basis you are going to need a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress.

WordPress Will allow you to make changes and add content when you like. With most CMS there is a learning curve and some technical knowledge is usually still required to make changes, if you require a WordPress site we will provide FREE support for 2 weeks after the site is delivered.

I want to sell stuff:

If you wish to sell products or services directly from your website you will need an e-commerce website, a shopfront wher users can browse, add products to a cart and checkout when they are ready.

There are plenty of ready-made e-commerce solutions available off the shelf like Shopify or Big Commerce, these look attractive at first but can work out expensive with monthly subscriptions, transaction costs and commisions which can soon eat into your profits.

Helping You Decide

At Tekkie we have experience building websites on multiple platforms from hand coded HTML websites to full CMS websites. We will discuss your requirements and help you choose the best solution to make your business or project a success.