Some of our satisfied clients

We provide digital services to a wide selection of clients across many industries. From start-ups to established companies and individuals, our clients maybe varied but our service is always exceptional. We are proud to say that 90% of our work comes from recommendations.

Tekkie Client - Hayo'u

About Hayo'u

Hayo’u is a successful health and wellness brand created by Katie Brindle, a respected qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner. Hayo’u were pioneers in bringing Gua Sha, body tapping and the benefits of Yang Sheng to the UK.

What we do:

Website development / Digital Marketing / SEO / Website Maintenance / Tech Support

Tekkie Client - Total Hoardings

About Total Hoardings

Total Hoardings is a Melbourne based professional hoardings company providing structural and modular B-Class, A-Class and internal hoardings, drafting and engineering, shed platforms and facade retention services.

What we did:

Website development

About Jonsigns

Jonsigns are a North East based company who design and build quality shop signage for the retail and commercial sector boasting  major clients such a Lush, Pandora, Paperchase and William Hill.

What we did:

Website development / PPC Adverstising

About Kaliyoga

Kaliyoga is a wellness & yoga retreat in the Andalusian mountains of Spain. Kaliyoga specialises in recovery and rehabilitation.

What we do:

Website Design / Website Development / Digital Marketing / PPC Marketing / Website Maintenance / Tech Support

About Lithium

Lithium is a forward thinking emerging markets investments company with a focus on unrealised future investment opportunities.

What we did:

Branding / Website Design / Website Development

Tekkie Client - Rylands Brand Design

About Rylands Brand Design

Rylands Brand Design are a strategic brand design team based in Suffolk. They are experts in food and drink packaging design working with big brands such as Gosh, Pepsi & Walkers crisps.

What we do:

Website development / Website Maintenance / Hosting

Tekkie Client - The Toffee Shop

About The Toffee Shop

The Toffee Shop sells some of the best Toffee and Fudge in the UK and probably the world. Steeped in history founded in 1910 and a favourite of the Late Queen Elizabeth.

What we do:

Website Maintenance / Tech Support

Tekkie Clients - The Orange Company

The Orange Company design and build high quality bespoke furniture for interiors and exteriors.

What we did:

Website Development / PPC Marketing

Tekkie Client - Katie Brindle

Katie Brindle is a renound Chinese Medicine expert, bestselling Author and Founder of Hayo’u, a health & wellness company.

What we do:

Website Maintenance / Digital Marketing / Tech Support

Tekkie Client - Petal to the Metal Flowers

About Petal To The Metal

Petal To The Metal is a florist based in London servicing corporate clients and events and private functions.

What we did:

Website Design / Website Development


About alt-J

alt-J are a world renowned successful UK rock group with 4 best selling albums behind them including An Awesome Wave, This is All Yours, Relaxer & The Dream.

What we did:

Social Media Management

Darran Tiernan

About Darran Tiernan

Darran Tiernan is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles ho has worked on successful US TV series and feature films.

What we do:

Website Design / Website Development / Website Updates / Hosting

Hayo'u Fit

About Hayo'u Qigong Fit

Hayo’u Qigong Fit is an online Qigong fitness platform with live classes, video on demand and masterclasses.

What we do:

Website Design / Website Development / Website Updates / Digital Marketing