Digital Marketing

Targeting your customers with data driven digital marketing services.

Tekkie have been providing digital marketing services for e-commerce and physical businesses for more than 10 years. We make sure your digital marketing budget is laser focused.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or advertise a company or brand. These digital channels include Search Engines, Partner Websites & Social Media Channels. The importance of digital marketing services in the 2020’s cannot be overstated with more than 70% of consumers starting their product or services inquiries on search engines social media channels and apps.

Types of Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC):

If you have ever searched on Google and seen the ‘sponsored’ search results at the top and bottom of the page that is Pay Per Click Marketing. If you click on one of those ads the company running those ads have to pay. What they pay depends on how high they choose to bid for that search terms or keyword that triggered the ad to display.

To run a successful PPC campaign is not easy, there are are alot of things to consider, such as:

  1. Setting up the ad platform correctly.
  2. Targeting the correct keywords and search terms for your product or services.
  3. Creating well organised campaigns and ad groups.
  4. Targeting an audience that is most likely to convert into a sale or lead.
  5. Continued optimisation and channel management.
  6. Understanding data and reporting KPI’s.

You may run a PPC campaign for brand awareness, to sell a product, service or to get leads. Done properly, PPC advertising can yield great results. If it costs you £1 per click and 1 in 10 clicks make a purchase it has cost you £10 to sell a £100 product. That is a great ROI.

Social Media Marketing:

Displaying ads on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok can be very profitable. again like PPC Marketing  the set up and running of these campaigns is key to a great ROI. The main difference running ads on social media channels compared to PPC is creative element of the ad. Grabbing someone’s attention on a fast scrolling social media feed is not easy, so your creative and message needs to stand out from the crowd.

Email Marketing:

One of the most valuable assets you can have in marketing is a direct way of contacting a prospective buyer. Email Marketing is one of the first forms of digital marketing and is still one of the most successful and because of recent data privacy laws brought in at the end of 2021 it is gaining more and more prominence.

Good email marketing is about providing great content with good mix of education, knowledge and promotion. The goal should be to retain your customers and turn them into brand ambassadors that not only repeat purchase but encourage others to do the same.

Programmatic Advertising (AI):

Programmatic advertising is the process of purchasing digital ad space on partner websites automatically using machine learning and browsing data.

The best way to think of it is like advertising in a magazine or newspaper but the ad will only appear when someone in your target audience visit the website. This is where the AI or machine learning comes in, the DSP (Demand Side Platform) has tons of data about website users that is has gathered from multiple advertisers which it uses to predict when to display the ad.

The advertiser uses a SSP (Sell Side Platform) to optimise and analyse the ad impression data and CCP (Cost Per Click). Programmatic Advertisingcan be expensive with DSP’s usually requiring a minimum spend of £x,xxx to run a campaign, there can also be quite a long learning phase before one really sees good ROI.

Native Ads:

Native advertising is often referred to a ‘clickbait’ advertising but essentially it is the same as programmatic advertising . You will have no doubt seen native ads on just about every website these days with headlines such as ‘Remember her, you won’t believe what she looks like now!’, although a bit spammy, native advertising can be successfully, especially for driving traffic to a website.

Helping You Decide

Digital marketing is an essential part in the growth and success of a business. It is also essential that it is done properly based on data not guesswork. Tekkie have helped marketing departments run succesful digital marketing campaigns that have returned great sales and profits. We can help you decide what platform/s to  advertise on based on audience and market data enabling you to run robust campaigns that get results. Get in touch today to find out more about our digital marketing services.